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Roof Tent Camper Trailer
- Nov 15, 2017 -

This off-road ROOF TENET CAMPER TRAILER is becoming more and more popular now,and it's affordable price will make you to own one very easily.  It's your best choice to camp with your family or freinds at weekend! The ROOF TENT can be uses for your rest,and the kitchen system can be used to prepare some delicious foods for your friends. 

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  Following is the main details of this ROOF TENT CAMPER TRAILER for your reference,for more informations, welcome to contact with us at sales@yamar.china at any time.

 · Main box: 1500X1000X610MM.
    · Tool box: 1000 x700 x 520x 400mm (rear width x front width x height x length).
    · Toatal size: 2990x1603x1320mm.
    · Surface finish: high quality painting.
    · Wheel: 235/75R15 off-road wheels with steel rim with steel rim spare wheel.
    · Loading capacity: 400KGS.
    · Equipments: 8 inch jockey,coupler and safety chain,LED light for cooking area,40Ah battery and charger,50L      stainless steel water tank,electric water pump & electric water tap.
    · Suspension: coil spring indenpendent suspension without brake (optional).
    · Kitchen system: stainless steel kitchen drawer with water sink and cooktop/stove.